Execution and Beheading of 6 Russian conscripts in Dagestan


This video shows the brutal execution of six Russian conscripts at the hands of Chechen rebels lead by Salautdin Temirbulatov. It was filmed in Dagastan in 1999.nnThe Chechen gang led by Temirbulatov, crossed into Dagestan with about 250-500 fighters, the village was protected by 13 lightly armed Russian conscripts. When the Russian conscripts realised they could not defeat so many enemies 7 of the Russian conscripts fled and the remaining 6 surrendered after running out of ammunition and being promised POW status. And that was a big lie as you can see that 5 of the Russian conscripts get their throat slit and the sixth is shot in his back.nnTemirbulatov’s group was decimated few months after the filming of this video. Each of the Chechens seen in the video have been either captured or killed by Sulim Yamadayev and his forces or by the Spetsnaz. Temirbulatov was himself arrested on March 20, 2000.

Date: July 11, 2014

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