Hd Video of Syrian Soldiers on Display in Ar-Raqqa Syria


85 soldiers from Division 17 have been killed during fighting and executions by the IS around ar-Raqqa. Many soldiers have been beheaded and their heads put on display. Division 17 has completely retreated from their base in ar-Raqqa. 300 soldiers are currently in the village of al-Rahyat, just north of their former position. Most soldiers have been relocated to Division 93 in the Ayn Esa area.nThe division was divided into 4 groups. 1 group stayed behind to fight and cover the retreat of the other 3. 1 group pulled back to al-Rahyat. 1 group withdrew to Abo Shareb. The last group withdrew to Division 93.n50 soldiers were killed by an IS ambush in the village of Abo Shareb as they retreated north from ar-Raqqa. Most of them were killed by execution after they were captured.

Date: July 27, 2014

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